When in doubt, create a Beyonce snapchat Doodle.

When in doubt, create a Beyonce snapchat Doodle.


The Fault in Our Stars trailer is finally here!

Ugh! The ugliest tears. I am crying the ugliest tears for this movie.

Also, Mike Birbiglia is in this. Yes please!

So I recently started making Vines (that I then turn into GIFS to share). Here are two that I’ve made recently.

» feminist [the word] includes the idea that believing men and women to be equal, believing all people to be people is not a natural state — that we don’t emerge, assuming that everybody in the human race is a human, that the idea of equality is just an idea that’s imposed on us, that we are indoctrinated with, that it’s an agenda.

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me on valentines day

^100% accurate.

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I just fell madly in love with Sherlock. Don’t really know why it took me so long to start watching this show but I am definitely hooked!


Darth Vader sees your twerking and he wants none of it.

Guess who made these gifs and this gif set?! If you guessed me, you would be correct!


When The New York Times Magazine gives you lemons…

Because you can’t stop the Internet from doing what the Internet does.


Happy Friday, everybody! Have a great weekend!

I have no plans this weekend except reading and Netflix. I am so excited!

The most romantic of Valentines Day cards.

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